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Uphar K. Dhaliwal practices Family Law, Immigration Law (both in Canada and the United States), Wills & Estates and is a licensed mediator at DD Law Group. She is also licensed to practice law in the Yukon.

Uphar’s diverse legal career began at the prosecuting attorney’s office in Bellingham, Washington where she appeared daily in court as a Rule 9 intern to deal with criminal law and traffic matters. Uphar then went on to join a boutique law firm in downtown Seattle where her practice focused on supporting international business clients with their immigration and corporate needs.

She transitioned from this role to act as in-house legal counsel where she ensured corporate and state compliance with regulatory laws and managed the law firms retained by her company in all 50 states.

After spending years honing her legal acumen abroad, Uphar felt the call of home which led to a return to her roots in the Fraser Valley so that she could serve the community in which she was born and raised. Uphar knew that the best way to give life to her dynamic approach to the law was through the unfettered freedom of her own law firm which led to the creation of Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group.

Uphar Dhaliwal is always an active member of any community she is a part of and takes great pride in being a founding member of the Washington branch of the South Asian Bar Association. Uphar has presented on various legal topics on numerous occasions to lawyers, law students and other legal industry related professionals.

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Uphar Dhaliwal - An Advocate with Heart

Uphar Dhaliwal understands that effective advocacy is not just about trying to change someone’s mind with legal reasoning, it is also about impacting someone’s heart with real life stories. Uphar’s hallmark as counsel is her heartfelt and passionate approach toward telling your story.

Telling your story begins with making sure to have an open ear and open mind about you and your case. A flexible, client-centred approach ensures that any given strategy is only adopted if it involves real life legal solutions that works for the unique facts of your life and your file.

Uphar Dhaliwal understands that no legal issue is black and white and that there are always multiple methods and avenues to achieve the results you are looking for. This adaptive philosophy is used to maximum effect for each and every client.

Uphar’s adaptive approach rests on a solid foundation of legal knowledge and experience. If a flexible client-centred strategy is the fuel for your case, then a deep understanding of the relevant caselaw, legislation and Rules of Court are the vehicle to get you to your destination.

Whether it is a mediated resolution or contentious litigation, Uphar employs a practical yet effective approach to obtain the best possible result.

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Beyond The Law

Uphar Dhaliwal grew up in a farming family where she learned the importance of hard work and stick-to-itiveness at an early age. Fraser Valley memories of three generations of family toiling, sweating and laughing together while working toward a common goal never left her and helped ensure she would return home one day.

Today, Uphar enjoy nothing more than spending time with her large immediate and extended family as well as giving back to the community that has given her so much. She loves to cook, savour different cuisines and throw large dinner parties and even taught an Indian cooking course just for kicks. Uphar speaks fluent Punjabi and Hindi.

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