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A will is a written document that speaks for you after you die. It can communicate how you want your property and assets to be distributed; name a guardian for your children if you pass away before they reach adulthood; and leave specific instructions like arrangements for your funeral. Making a will or planning your estate is a smart choice.

Most clients agree that drafting their will led to peace of mind and helped them achieve their long-term financial and personal goals.  That is exactly why planning for the future should not be something you consider is best addressed when you are old and gray.

Having a will lends unexpected clarity to life.  Real life legal solutions means treating a will as a living rather than a dying document that will change and evolve as major milestones and events occur in your life.

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British Columbia Wills and Estates Lawyers

Wills and estates law includes marriage or divorce, having a child or losing a loved one or simply planning for retirement. The alternative of not having a will in place can have disastrous financial and human consequences for those you hold dear. Our wills and estates lawyers take the time to get to know you in order to completely understand your life and relationships so that we can prepare for the future you have in mind.

Your will is the cornerstone of your estate plan. We conduct an exhaustive review of your financial affairs and take time to understand your network of relationships in order to create the ideal will and estate plan for you. Our goal is to always maximize the amount your beneficiaries will receive and minimize the government’s final tax grab through use of legal strategies such as the creation of trusts, designations under RRIF’s, life insurance and RRSP’s and much more. Our wills and estates lawyers will draft a comprehensive estate plan to ensure administration of your estate runs as smoothly as possible.

Being responsible for administering an estate can be time consuming, stressful and complicated. Our wills and estates lawyers are able to provide you straight forward and sensible advice whether you are administering an estate or are a beneficiary who needs to know their rights in respect of an estate. Our level of involvement varies depending on your need from simple advice as required to in depth hands on involvement.

There are many types of trusts but, at their core, they are powerful financial tools that are created to preserve and protect assets for a particular purpose. We can help you whether you want to create a trust for charitable purposes, your children’s education, business succession planning, estate succession planning or with any other goal in mind. Our wills and estates lawyers will take the time to create the proper trust for you so that your assets are protected and only used for their intended purpose.

The term “Power of Attorney” is thrown around fairly loosely in everyday parlance but in legal terms it is a legal document that bestows authority on an individual to act for another for their legal and financial matters. Powers of Attorney are powerful documents that should be carefully drafted to be as specific or as wide ranging as the circumstances require. We will carefully listen to your needs and draft a tailored Power of Attorney that is not too broad or too narrow in scope while achieving what it is intended to do.

The amount a wills and estates lawyer charges for drafting a will varies, depending on the complexity of your finances, the time it may take to create the will, and many other factors. Our wills and estates lawyers charge fair and reasonable rates for their services – after all, the whole point of a will is to keep your money safe. You can get in touch with our team to get an estimate as to what your will may cost.

You don’t need a lawyer to create a will. However, if you have a more complicated financial situation you may want to visit a wills and estates lawyer for legal advice. A will outlines how you would like your assets distributed after your death and can name a guardian for any minor children or pets. Having a lawyer look over your will is always a good idea.

Yes, you can write you own will in BC. In fact, it is legal to write your own will, provided that you’ve met all the criteria for a legal will. Although you can use a kit to write your own will, it’s a good idea to get help from a wills and estates lawyer or notary public to make sure your will is legal.

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Advantages of

We wanted more from the law and so should you. That’s why we created a law firm with a real life approach formulated to bring you the best possible results with the least amount of stress and expense. Welcome to a powerful client-centred philosophy that turns our passion for people into advantages for you.

We understand that legal issues in one area of the law can quickly spill over into other legal arenas. You need to know if admitting civil liability could assist a criminal prosecution or if your criminal case could lead to civil, family or immigration repercussions. Real life legal solutions means having access to lawyers under one roof with experience in a wide range of legal fields. That means no running around trying to find the right lawyers to answer your questions when you are most stressed and can least afford it. Whatever your legal issue, chances are we have a lawyer just down the hall who can provide the right advice which saves you time, money and stress.

Before joining DD Law Group, our lawyers were employed by big government, big corporations and big downtown law firms.  We have dealt with everything from large scale civil litigation and complicated divorce settlements to sophisticated drug conspiracies and high stakes immigration board hearings.  Real life legal solutions means having the experience to identify the correct legal issues, to develop a legal strategy on the front end and to see that strategy through.  Actually having a game plan from the outset that you understand means less stress, greater efficiency and reduced cost.  And if you are not completely satisfied with a result, we have the experience to appeal your case to the highest levels of court.

Lawyers traditionally focus on legal issues rather than the individuals behind them. We firmly believe that your story is a powerful tool that can define the narrative of a case and help you achieve the best possible legal result. We not only want to know your story, we want to help you shape where it leads. Real life legal solutions means working hard to identify and deal with the reasons your life intersected with the law in the first place. Where appropriate, we will work to address these real life issues through our trusted network of counsellors, doctors and other professionals. This allows us to build a powerful narrative to advocate on your behalf. At the same time, it allows for the possibility to effect powerful and positive change in your real life.

Legal cases are not just won by lawyers. They often require doctors, counsellors, health care workers, private detectives and other professionals with specialized knowledge. We rely upon a trusted network of professionals who not only have the ability to help you in your real life but who can also turn what appears to be a losing case into a winning one. Real life legal solutions means that you won’t be on your own when it comes to securing appropriate and quality professional help both for you and your legal matter.

We pride ourselves on a legal team that treat one another like an extended family rather than mere work colleagues. We want you to share in the unique culture we have developed. Real life legal solutions means dealing with a firm whose lines of communication are always open when a question or issue arises. We always endeavour to ensure you are not left in the dark or feeling alone when urgent matters require our attention. This atmosphere of openness is why the relationships we forge with our clients often continue long after a file is closed.

We understand that legal cases often arise unexpectedly and lead to unanticipated expense. This can be a significant stress piled upon the already stressful nature of your legal matter. Real life legal solutions means offering a variety of fee structures, payment plans and competitive rates that work for you.