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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Law & Family Lawyers

Why do I need a family lawyer?

Deciding whether or not you need a family lawyer can be a difficult decision. We understand that every family and every case is different. That’s why Real Life Legal Solutions means more than just a one-size fits all approach to family matters. We offer a variety of services, many of which don’t involve a courtroom. In some cases, a family lawyer may be necessary to ensure that you get the representation you deserve. In other cases, you may only need a mediator to help your matter. Whatever the situation, a family lawyer at Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group can help you find solutions to your matter – it’s what we do.

How much does a family lawyer cost?

At Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group, we understand that legal cases often arise unexpectedly and lead to unanticipated expense. This can be a significant stress piled upon the already stressful nature of your legal matter. Real life legal solutions means offering a variety of fee structures, payment plans and competitive rates that work for you.

How do I choose a family lawyer?

There are a few important factors to consider in hiring a family lawyer. First, we understand that family law encompasses very personal matters. It’s important that you hire a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable. That’s why we always get to know our clients first, as every situation is unique. As every situation is different, it is important to determine which process best suits resolution of your particular issue. Sometimes, Collaborative Family Law or mediation may be your best option, while other times, you may need litigation. We practice a wide range of family law, so finding a family lawyer who can help you down whichever path you take will not be a problem.

Can I trust a family lawyer?

A family lawyer, like any lawyer, is bound by a code of ethics and professional conduct. Unlike many other professions, attorneys cannot work for two competing parties. Canada has many laws in place to ensure that individuals receive proper treatment in the courtroom and by their lawyer. Here at Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group, we not only believe in the code of ethics we are sworn to, but the idea that all clients, in and out of the courtroom, deserve the utmost respect and diligence in their case.

What does a family lawyer do?

A family lawyer is a lawyer that deals with family matters and domestic relations. Many people hear the phrase “family lawyer” and think “divorce lawyer.” While divorce is included in the field of family law, an experienced family lawyer offers much, much more – just take a look at the many services we can provide for you and your family.

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The types of Family Law matters that the Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group can help you with.

We are not divorce lawyers – we are family lawyers. That means we are in the business of proactively determining what the best possible solution is for your particular needs rather than being a one size fits all divorce mill. We understand that the end of any relationship is difficult. However, it also represents an important opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful new chapter in life. This is because decisions that you make during this process will have long lasting repercussions for your family and future financial health. We are focused on finding the most amicable solution possible using negotiation, mediation, or arbitration in order to save you considerable time, money, and stress. Even still, we also recognize it takes two to tango, and if the opposing side does not share our rational philosophy, we have the experience and tenacity to achieve your goals through the courts. Whether it is an uncontested divorce or complicated and contentious litigation or even if there is a desire to save your relationship – we will find the right path for you.

Learn about Separation Learn About Getting A Divorce In BC

No product of a relationship is more precious than the children which resulted. So it should come as no surprise that some of the most contentious and emotionally charged issues in family law concern child custody, guardianship and access. Separation of the family unit can have tremendous immediate and long term impact on children. That is why keeping the best interests of your children front and centre is part and parcel of what we do. We work with a trusted network of professionals including counsellors, family therapists, doctors and more to present compelling evidence to the court and to help you and your children transition to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. From simple negotiated child custody and access agreements to complicated and heated child custody and access litigation we always consider it our foremost priority to protect the interests of you and your children.

Learn more about child custody.

Every child has a fundamental and inalienable right to financial support. Issues of child support overlap with child custody and access and are often complicated and evolving depending on a number of financial factors. To state the obvious, it is expensive to raise a child. This is especially true in a high cost of living province like British Columbia. We make it our job to understand the day to day lives of your children and their future hopes and dreams to ensure they have the financial support they will need both today and moving forward. Whether you are the supported party or the supporting party we make sure to advocate for the best possible outcome for you and your children.

The end of your relationship should not mean the end of the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. Whether you are the supporting party or the supported party we understand the dollar and cents issues that can have such an enormous impact on everyday life. We pride ourselves on our experience when it comes to ensuring just financial results for individuals from all walks of life including spousal support issues for either side of high net worth divorces. We understand numbers and have dealt with all the financial tricks and shenanigans that can accompany contested divorces. And if any financial mysteries still need to be untangled we work with expert forensic accountants who can do the rest. We work hard to make sure you have peace of mind about your financial bottom line.

Learn more about spousal support.

The assets that you have accumulated during and even outside the time of your relationship can suddenly seem as if they are all up for grabs during family law proceedings. Although their primary importance is typically financial, we understand that there can be powerful emotional attachments involved as well. Our strategic and detailed approach ensures that asset division does not become a free for all. We will guide you step by step through the complexities and intricacies of property division as we navigate the best possible financial outcome to your case. Each family lawyer at Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group is experienced at making sure no stone is left unturned when examining whether assets have been hidden or disposed of whether in Canada or on the other side of the globe. Our goal is to make sure your financial interests are always protected and that you start the next chapter of your life on sound financial footing.

Learn more about Property & Debt Divison.

The issues surrounding a marital breakup don’t always end when the final divorce documents are signed. In fact, that is sometimes just the beginning. We know that financial circumstances can change for the better or for the worse. This can have significant impact on pre-existing spousal and child support agreements. We also know that life circumstances can change. This can have impact on pre-existing child custody arrangements. Whatever the issue, we have a great deal of experience ensuring that the rights of our clients continue to be protected after the ink is dry.

We take any sort of spousal violence and/or violence against children in the home very seriously. Violent or threatening behaviour may lead to criminal charges. However, it is also important to know that family law proceedings can offer far more timely protections for you and your family over which you have far more control. We intervene immediately and advocate zealously on your behalf when your safety or that of your loved ones is at stake. Outside of the courts, we also work with an extensive network of professionals who can help you and your family deal with the real consequences of domestic abuse.

Whether you are beginning a new relationship or leaving one, our goal is to always plan for and protect your future. The beginning of a relationship is an exciting and emotional time that is busy and full of change. Those are some of the very reasons that prevent couples from coming to a proactive understanding about their financial arrangements. Unfortunately, this can be the source of some of the greatest future discord in any relationship. Business and financial arrangements can be complicated. In this day and age, discussing them doesn’t have to be. We understand the taboos of marriage agreements and make the process as easy and relaxing as possible – often with a good dose of humour

Learn more about marriage agreements and separation agreements.

Traditionally, families did not always turn to impassive arbiters in the form of courts to dictate what the terms of their separation and future life would be. These matters were resolved within families, often with elders respected by both sides guiding and offering their advice and opinion on how matters could be best resolved. Separation and the break up of a family unit is a deeply personal and traumatic time. You can place your fate in the hands of an unknown judge, or you can take control of your destiny by dealing with each other face to face under the guidance of a mutually respected family mediator or arbitrator. We are great believers in employing progressive alternative dispute resolution mechanisms whenever possible. Mediation is a more informal process that can cut down on time and cost, afford greater privacy, offer greater control, reduce negative impact on children and facilitate greater healing and understanding. In the right situations, it pays to look at the past in order to plan for the future.

There are few things in life more exciting, and more fraught with anxiety, than adopting a child. We can guide you through this roller coaster process whether you are wishing to adopt your stepchild or foster child, are looking at infant adoption through a licensed government or private agency or are interested in international adoption. Dealing so often with relationships that are coming apart means we take particular care and joy in dealing with wonderful new beginnings. We look forward to helping you start this new chapter in life.

Learn more about Adoptions.

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We wanted more from the law and so should you. That’s why we created a law firm with a real life approach formulated to bring you the best possible results with the least amount of stress and expense. Welcome to a powerful client-centred philosophy that turns our passion for people into advantages for you.

We understand that legal issues in one area of the law can quickly spill over into other legal arenas. You need to know if admitting civil liability could assist a criminal prosecution or if your criminal case could lead to civil, family or immigration repercussions. Real life legal solutions means having access to lawyers under one roof with experience in a wide range of legal fields. That means no running around trying to find the right lawyers to answer your questions when you are most stressed and can least afford it. Whatever your legal issue, chances are we have a lawyer just down the hall who can provide the right advice which saves you time, money and stress.

Before joining DD Law Group, our lawyers were employed by big government, big corporations and big downtown law firms.  We have dealt with everything from large scale civil litigation and complicated divorce settlements to sophisticated drug conspiracies and high stakes immigration board hearings.  Real life legal solutions means having the experience to identify the correct legal issues, to develop a legal strategy on the front end and to see that strategy through.  Actually having a game plan from the outset that you understand means less stress, greater efficiency and reduced cost.  And if you are not completely satisfied with a result, we have the experience to appeal your case to the highest levels of court.

Lawyers traditionally focus on legal issues rather than the individuals behind them. We firmly believe that your story is a powerful tool that can define the narrative of a case and help you achieve the best possible legal result. We not only want to know your story, we want to help you shape where it leads. Real life legal solutions means working hard to identify and deal with the reasons your life intersected with the law in the first place. Where appropriate, we will work to address these real life issues through our trusted network of counsellors, doctors and other professionals. This allows us to build a powerful narrative to advocate on your behalf. At the same time, it allows for the possibility to effect powerful and positive change in your real life.

Legal cases are not just won by lawyers. They often require doctors, counsellors, health care workers, private detectives and other professionals with specialized knowledge. We rely upon a trusted network of professionals who not only have the ability to help you in your real life but who can also turn what appears to be a losing case into a winning one. Real life legal solutions means that you won’t be on your own when it comes to securing appropriate and quality professional help both for you and your legal matter.

We pride ourselves on a legal team that treat one another like an extended family rather than mere work colleagues. We want you to share in the unique culture we have developed. Real life legal solutions means dealing with a firm whose lines of communication are always open when a question or issue arises. We always endeavour to ensure you are not left in the dark or feeling alone when urgent matters require our attention. This atmosphere of openness is why the relationships we forge with our clients often continue long after a file is closed.

We understand that legal cases often arise unexpectedly and lead to unanticipated expense. This can be a significant stress piled upon the already stressful nature of your legal matter. Real life legal solutions means offering a variety of fee structures, payment plans and competitive rates that work for you.