Classification of Criminal Offences In Canada

Offences against the person

  • Indictable offences against the person
    • 1st degree murder
    • 2nd degree murder
    • Manslaughter
    • Infanticide
    • Motor vehicle offences causing death
    • Attempt murder
    • Conspiracy to murder, negligence causing death, etc.
    • Sexual assault level 3 (aggravated)
    • Sexual assault level 2 (with a weapon or causing bodily harm)
    • Assault level 3 (aggravated assault)
    • Assault level 2 (with weapon or causing bodily harm)
    • Unlawfully causing bodily harm
    • Robbery
    • Indictable sex offences against children
    • Kidnapping, abduction, hostage-taking, forcible confinement
    • Extortion
    • Discharge firearm with intent to wound, etc.
    • Criminal negligence causing bodily harm
    • Miscellaneous indictable person
  • Hybrid offences against the person
    • Sexual assault level 1
    • Assault level 1
    • Assault peace officer, resist arrest
    • Criminal harassment
    • Other (threats, libel, abduction, etc.)

Offences Against Property

  • Indictable offences against property
    • Break and enter, possess housebreaking tools
    • Theft of property worth more than … or of motor vehicle1
    • Take motor vehicle without permission
    • Arson
    • Counterfeiting
  • Summary & hybrid offences against property
    • Theft of property worth less than …1
    • Possession of stolen property
    • Fraud, credit card offences, forgery, false pretenses
    • Mischief causing damage to property

Offences against the administration of justice (administrative offences)

  • Fail to appear for court; bail offences
  • Breach probation, fail to comply with disposition under the YOA
  • Escape custody/prison, unlawfully at large
  • Obstruct peace officer
  • Other (obstruct justice, bribe official, etc.)

Other offences

  • Indictable other offences
    • Traffic/import/produce/possess drug or controlled substance with intent
    • Explosives offences
    • Prohibited weapons offences (possess, import, etc.)
    • Restricted weapons offences (possess, import, etc.)
    • Other weapons offences (careless use/storage of firearm, firearms sale offences, concealed weapon)
  • Summary/hybrid other offences
    • Possess cocaine, cannabis, other drugs and controlled substances
    • Impaired driving, driving over .08, refuse to give breath sample, etc.
    • Other Criminal Code traffic (hit & run, dangerous operation, etc.)
    • Betting/gaming house: keeper, found in
    • Bookmaking, unauthorized lottery, etc.
    • Indecent/harassing telephone calls
    • Cause disturbance
    • Vagrancy, public nuisance, trespass at night
    • Communicate for the purposes of prostitution
    • Bawdy house: owner, inmate, found in
    • Other morals (public nudity etc.)
    • Other Criminal Code (money laundering, attempts, accessories, etc.)
    • Other federal statutes (Canada Shipping Act, Immigration Act, etc.)

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