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Burnaby Criminal Defence Law Services: Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group provides criminal legal defence services for our clients in Burnaby. From summary conviction offences such as domestic assault, drug possession, theft or driving offences to more serious indictable matters such as drug trafficking, firearms offences, sexual assault and even murder.

Our top-rated Criminal Defence Lawyers are mindful of your needs and will provide you with the best legal advice and action to take in order to get a favorable outcome for you. If you are in Burnaby and you were arrested or are looking to avoid a criminal record, have charges reduced or even dismissed or to avoid jail time, we have experienced criminal defence lawyers ready to help.

At Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group Burnaby, you can be safe in knowing that we will understand your needs. We have Punjabi speaking lawyers, Hindi speaking lawyers, and Urdu as well as English speaking Lawyers to help with your Burnaby Criminal Law matters.

Our experienced and multiple award-winning Burnaby Criminal Defence Lawyers serve all of Burnaby including the surrounding area of Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Surrey.

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