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Where can I smoke weed in BC lost in thoughts black woman smoking marijuana British Columbia flag

Where can I Smoke Weed in BC?

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, experienced stoners and rookie smokers alike are asking the question: Where can I smoke weed in BC? Just like alcohol, there are limitations…
Are Drugs Legal in Vancouver

Are Drugs Legal in Vancouver?

“Are drugs legal in Vancouver?” Drug laws are slowly becoming more lenient here in British Columbia. This year alone has been monumental for drug reform in Vancouver. Drug problems like…
hate speech laws in British Columbia Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group

Hate Speech Laws in British Columbia

Hate speech laws have been the topic of heated debate over the last decade across Canada.  While some see hate speech laws as infringement on civil liberties, others support the…
BC work papers Dhanu Dhaliwal Immigration Law

PGWP Holders Eligible for New Open Work Permit

International students bring so much to Canada, contributing over $21 billion annually to our economy and supporting the vitality of our communities. Yet the pandemic has presented myriad challenges for…
Vancouver travel restrictions

Canadian Travel Restrictions Update – October 2020

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marco E. L. Mendicino, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair and Health Minister Patty Hajdu recently announced new changes to the travel restrictions…