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a couple arguing in mediation about their cohabitation agreement

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

We’ve discussed marriage agreements here on the Legal Wire Blog before, but you may not know that similar legal documents exist for couples that aren’t yet married or don’t plan…
how to change your bail conditions

How to Change Your Bail Conditions

Bail is a court order allowing you to remain in the community until your criminal case is finished. You must sign this court order and promise the court that you’ll…
mother embracing daughter as she gets off school bus - joint custody school decisions

How School Decisions Work with Joint Custody

Joint custody school decisions are often the most polarizing decisions divorced or separated couples have to make. If you have joint custody or 50/50 custody, it may be difficult to…
man in jail for first time assault charge

How to Beat a First Time Assault Charge

Assault charges in Canada are very serious, but you probably already know that. That’s why you’re wondering how to beat a first time assault charge. Assault charges can be a…
judge deciding in an adoption hearing

What to Expect from an Adoption Hearing

You’ve wept tears of joy and of frustration. You’ve put in the time – probably years – and effort, and of course, money. And now you’re in the home stretch.…