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Coercive Control Law, Bill C-332

Rob Dhanu KC of The Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group was asked to share his professional opinion as a former Crown Prosecutor on the passing of the Coercive Control Law, Bill C-332.

Global Excerpt: “One former Crown prosecutor says it would be hard to prove in court if it’s financial control, for example. Rob Dhanu KC: Did the couple agree that one individual was not going to work? They were going to raise the kids. And did that agreement change over time? If it’s isolation from the family, what was the relationship with the family?”

Watch the entire Global News clip.

Do you know what Coercive Control is?

Coercive control is a pattern of behavior used by an abuser to dominate, manipulate, and control another person, typically within an intimate relationship. This type of abuse can be psychological, emotional, and financial, often without physical violence. Coercive control aims to isolate the victim, strip away their sense of autonomy, and create a sense of fear and dependency.

Key elements of coercive control include:

  1. Isolation: Cutting the victim off from friends, family, and other support systems.
  2. Manipulation: Using lies, contradictions, or mind games to confuse and control the victim.
  3. Monitoring: Constantly checking on the victim’s activities, communications, and whereabouts.
  4. Threats and Intimidation: Using threats of violence, self-harm, or other negative consequences to instill fear.
  5. Degradation: Humiliating or belittling the victim to erode their self-esteem.
  6. Financial Control: Restricting access to money, controlling financial resources, or preventing the victim from working.

Coercive control can be subtle and insidious, making it difficult to recognize and prove. It’s a recognized form of domestic abuse in many jurisdictions, and legal systems in some countries have started to criminalize it to provide better protection and recourse for victims.

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