Canada Accepting Ukrainian Refugees Displaced by Russian Invasion

Parliament of Canada accepting Ukrainian refugees

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Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is accepting Ukrainian refugees who have been displaced by Russia’s invasion. 

It was also announced that Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their accompanying immediate family members who have been affected by the conflict will be given support in the coming weeks and months.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ukrainian Nationals

Ukrainian nationals currently residing in Canada are allowed to extend their status as a visitor, student, or workers. This is to ensure that Ukrainians who cannot return to their home country can safely and legally reside within Canada until the conflict resolves or until they are granted Canadian citizenship. 

Along with this, the Canada Border Services Agency is delaying removal orders that would normally require individuals to leave Canada immediately.

IRCC will also waive certain fees associated with travel and immigration documents.

Previously, Canada has also prioritized citizenship grant applications for permanent residence, temporary residence, and adoption for people with a primary residence in Ukraine.

Nearly 2,000 applications have already been approved by IRCC. 

In addition to this, a service channel has been created for inquiries about the matter.

The service channel can be reached at 613-321-4243 and is available for those in Canada and abroad (collect calls are accepted). 

Applicants can also add “Ukraine 2022” to an enquiry through the IRCC Web Form to expedite their enquiry.


Canadian Citizens

IRCC has made the decision to prioritize applications for new and replacement travel documents for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members.

IRCC has also stated that “all immigrants, refugees and visitors, including temporary foreign workers and students, are carefully screened before coming into Canada. This screening ensures that they do not pose a threat to the health, safety or security of Canadians.”

Canada’s Plan to Help Ukrainian Refugees

You can read IRCC’s full statement on the matter on the Government of Canada official website.

We’ve also provided some news links and resources on the situation, as it pertains to Canada’s acceptance of refugees:

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