How the Landscape of Canadian Law Has Changed With Covid 19

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VIDEO PRESENTATION: Rob Dhanu, Co-founder of Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group, former BC Crown Prosecutor and current lead litigator in criminal defence, presents a critical topic during these unprecedented and historic times: How the landscape of Canadian Law has changed with Covid-19.

Rob walk’s the audience through what he believes are the most important issues affecting the South Asian Bar community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He recognizes the conservative nature of the legal profession and he emphasizes how the legal industry as a whole needs to embrace technology to evolve and meet the continuing judicial needs of the populace.

However, Rob also warns of the danger of embracing technology without a proper ethical framework so as not to lose the very essence of a well functioning legal system, it’s humanity.

Watch the video presentation of Rob Dhanu below hosted by the South Asian Bar Association of British Columbia to learn more.

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